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Is a Color or Black and White Copier Right for Your Office?

Is a Color or Black and White Copier Right for Your Office?
Larry Adams

Modern copying technology allows offices to make duplicates in either black and white or in full color. If you are planning on purchasing or leasing a copier for your office, you’ll need to figure out which type of copier might be the best for your needs.  

There are several factors to consider when selecting a copier for your school, medical office, or design firm to ensure that the copier meets your needs as your business evolves.  

Make sure you think about these things...

What Are Your Daily Needs?

Your copying equipment must meet the daily demands of your business. If you are primarily duplicating text-based documents that are mainly black and white, a black and white copier is likely the best type of equipment to lease or purchase.  

If you require color printing or copying more than once a week, you might find that having a color copier on hand is a better choice.  

The initial cost of a color copier is higher, but if you are in frequent need of color documentation, the cost of buying or leasing a color copier will be lower over the long term than getting color copies done via a printing service.

What Equipment Do You Currently Have?

Take stock of your office’s current equipment. Do you already have several different machines to produce documents? It might be valuable to consider the benefits of a single color copier, which can produce both black and white and full-color documents.  

Adding a color copier to your office could save money by eliminating the need to maintain multiple printers.  

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Benefits of Color Copy Machines

Color copy machines are a huge market. A color copier is capable of handling anything that you need to do for your office. A color copier requires four sets of toner, four sets of developer, and four sets of drums. The common colors that make up the color copier toner are black, cyan, magenta, and yellow.  

Standard features include:  

  • Color adjustment
  • Color balancing  
  • Crop  
  • Zoom  

For even more functionality, a network-capable copier can be a wise investment. Being able to send several images or documents across a network can be a major benefit for lawyers, doctors, design firms, and schools.  

Further, the quality of printing that a color copy machine produces is far more advanced and vivid than the simplicity of CMYK color complements.  

While it may cost more to print on a color copier if your business requires a higher color document output, a color copier may be the best choice.  

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Reduce Color Copying Costs

If the cost of printing with a color copier is an issue, try these tips:  

  • Make the default of the system black and white. Users will have to choose the color option only when needed.  
  • Restrict color access via user control features.  
  • Enable the toner save function to help further reduce toner supply costs.  

Lease or Purchase a Quality Copy Machine

If you are ready to make a change in your business and lease or purchase a color or black and white copy machine we can help! At Affordable Imaging Solutions, we sell, service, and install brand-name new and used copy machines to increase productivity in offices all across Tampa Bay.  

Contact us today for a copy machine quote! We provide sales and service to Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Largo, and Pasco County.

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