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Office Printer Rentals

Get a boost to your bottom line. Starting at $98 per month you can rent a copier / printer. Lease a quality office copier today!
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The most important decision you will make when buying a copier is whether to lease or buy.

A leased copier is a great alternative to buying equipment. By leasing a copier, you limit up front capital. Focus on growing your business; upgrade later with credit from your old copier at the end of your lease. We provide the latest technology available in copier rentals.  

Copier rentals are perfect for newer offices.

Our large selection of products ranges from small compact copiers to high-end multifunction copier rentals. With no-hassle contracts, you can rent a copier for your business. For businesses looking for an affordable option with uncopied dedication to service, look no further than Affordable Imaging Solutions.  

We offer you the maintenance, support and technology you need.

You can work with us to design a lease that will keep your office copiers running smoothly by adding a maintenance & repair agreement included in the lease. Our leased copiers can later be traded in and upgraded to newer models.  

Get great rates on top quality printers with our copier rentals.

Speak with our pro copy and supply team today. Call (813) 849-3302.

Get a great rate on a digital copier

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Provides an excellent service with premier customer service. I am so happy we made the switch to his printers.
Haydon K.
Has saved the day numerous times and since I work at a law firm, he knows our work is deadline oriented and has the proper sense of urgency. Can’t recommend them more highly.
Debbie H., Law Firm Client

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